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    Tianjin Jin Liyan Automotive Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.Was established in June 2016, by the hebei XingLin group, changchun yu chong, tianjin zhongke advanced courtyard joint venture, from hebei university of technology to provide scientific support. Company is located in tianjin binhai hi-tech zone huayuan industrial park outside ring, the registered capital of 20 million yuan, is a fully functional, fully equipped and set the lightweight car body development, vehicle stamping product design, concurrent engineering (SE) and prototype manufacture of specialized high-tech enterprises.
    Companies with China faw group, Beijing automotive group, geely automobile, Great Wall motor, chery automobile front car production enterprises formed a long-term strategic cooperative partnership, this developed for jin li to do bigger and stronger laid a solid foundation.
    Companies rely on advanced technology research center, jilin university, hebei university of technology in industrial applications as the goal, research and development of auto lightweight materials, aluminum alloy molding technology, integration of aluminum alloy surface treatment technology, material connection technology, lightweight body structure design, hot stamping forming technology and new stamping die material, etc. The r&d center is in order to improve the scientific and technological achievements in the field of automotive engineering technology maturity, compatibility and engineering level, to promote the development of China's automobile engineering support to provide technical innovation.
    The company has developed a system, perfect technical management process and quality control system in the forward development of the body. Combined with hebei XingLin group of rich experience in the automotive design experience, industrialization and abundant capital strength, from basic research, design verification link to the industrialization of integration, improve the efficiency of research, transformation and application.
Body design company has strong technical strength and relatively rich manufacture mold development experience, can independently accomplish the car prototype trial-manufacture and body mold manufacturing. The production base is rich in foundry, which can greatly shorten the mould casting cycle, reduce the casting cost and guarantee the project progress. At present, we have seven mould manufacturers with scale to cooperate with our company, thus speeding up production schedule. The CNC processing center has more than 30 CNC processing centers, which greatly shorten the nc processing cycle.
    Companies adhering to the people-oriented, science and technology leading management idea, constructs the high quality talent structure system, has experienced mold design staff of more than 60 people, 8 people of graduate students and product development of 23 people, 25 people, synchronous engineering CAE/CAD/CAM technology elite, and employ a number of Japanese and European experts, made the first-class technology research and development level of processing. At the same time, we are working with hebei university of technology to develop the research and development of industry and research, which lays the foundation for the cultivation of high-end talents.
    The company to become outstanding automotive engineering experts as the vision, to blaze new trails, professional services, to promote China's auto industry to the world as the mission, determined to become a body design and manufacturing experts, to contribute the development of Chinese automobile industry.
Industrial Structure: Automotive stamping die Prototype vehicles Automobile design Lightweight development Automobile stamping parts
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